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The Debate Over Native American Mascots

Cristy Meiners

Last week, a Bountiful High alumna called on the school to drop its use of the "Braves" mascot, calling it “offensive, outdated and racist.” But who decides whether a mascot can or should be stripped from sports culture?

The battle over a Native American mascot in Bountiful was echoed in national news headlines when the pro football team in Washington DC announced it was dropping the name “Redskins” and retiring its Indian chief logo. It was a surprising about-face for the franchise, which for decades has resisted claims that the team name was a racial slur. Friday at 11 a.m. we’re talking about the appropriation of Native American names and imagery in popular culture. There’s a troubling history behind all of this, not to mention a lot of debate.


  • Randy Lewis, Bountiful City Mayor
  • James Courage Singer,  Diversity Fellow at Salt Lake Community College
  • Dr. Jason Edward Black, professor and chair of the Department of Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Author of Mascot Nation: The Controversy Over Native American Representations in Sports.