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Can Hikers And Bikers Share The SLC Foothill Trails?


After several years of planning, a new system of hiking and mountain biking trails is being built in the foothills above Salt Lake City. But not everyone is pleased with the changes.

As the number of people who visit the foothills for outdoor recreation has boomed, so has the number of conflicts between trail users, particularly between hikers and downhill bikers. Proponents of the new trail system say it will help solve these problems and provide more opportunities for more people. There are others, though, who complain the new trails are poorly built, damaging to the environment and designed primarily to please mountain bikers. This Friday at 11 a.m., we’ll dig into the controversy and ask what can be done to make everyone feel at home on the trails in the Salt Lake foothills.


  • Brian Maffly is a reporter covering the environment and public lands for the Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Dan Schelling is a resident of Salt Lake's Avenues neighborhood, a geologist, and a co-founder of the citizens group Save Our Foothills.
  • Sarah Bennett is the executive director and a co-founder of the advocacy group Trails Utah.