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A collection of RadioWest conversations about LDS history, faith, and culture.

The Excommunication Effect

Ordain Women
Members of Ordain Women seek entrance to the all-male priesthood session of the LDS general conference. April 5, 2014

Earlier this week, Mormon feminist Kate Kelly was excommunicated from the LDS Church. Leaders in her former Virginia ward said her ongoing effort to secure women's ordination to the all-male priesthood constituted "conduct contrary to the laws and order of the Church." Wednesday, we're asking what her excommunication means, not just for Kelly personally, but for all women and activists in the LDS Church. Kelly will join Doug. He'll also talk to Mormon commentator NeylanMcBaine and historian Amanda Hendrix-Komoto.

  • Learn more about Ordain Women, the group founded by Kate Kelly
  • Visit The Mormon Women Project. Neylan McBaine is founder and editor in chief. We should mention that professionally, McBaine is a creative director for the advertising agency Bonneville Communications, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is not, however, speaking on behalf of the Church. Her opinions are her own.
  • Read A History of Women's Excommunication co-authored by Amanda Hendrix-Komoto at Juvenile Instructor