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The Future of the Salt Lake Tribune

Edgar Zuniga Jr. via CC/Flickr, http://bit.ly/1Swv7Bp

News broke Wednesday that the family of Utah billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr. has agreed to purchase the Salt Lake Tribune from its hedge-fund owners. The mood was cautiously upbeat in the paper’s newsroom when the deal was announced. If all goes as planned, years of speculation about the Trib’s finances could be at end. And yet, there are some who say that Huntsman ownership of the paper may have its drawbacks. Thursday, we’re discussing the deal and asking what the Trib’s future may look like under new ownership.

Terry Orme, editor, Salt Lake Tribune

Joan O’Brien, board member, Citizens for Two Voices

Jim Dabakis, Utah State Senator, District 2

Glen Warchol, managing editor, Salt Lake Magazine

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