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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt


Wednesday, we're talking about one of the most effective members of President Trump's Cabinet. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt made a name for himself by attacking the agency he now leads. He's also been mired in a growing series of ethical investigations.

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Scott Pruitt built a national reputation by suing the Environmental Protection Agency more than a dozen times. Now he’s leading the agency. In his tenure as EPA Administrator, Pruitt has dismantled rules regulating carbon emissions, relaxed standards on ozone pollution, and championed America’s exit from the Paris Climate Agreement. He’s also become the subject of a growing series of ethics investigations. Wednesday, we’re talking about where Pruitt came from and where he’s leading the EPA.


Brady Dennis is a national reporter for the Washington Post, where he covers the environment and public health. Along with his colleague Juliet Eilperin, Dennis has extensively covered Scott Pruitt's tenure as EPA Administrator.