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0000017c-db5f-dc30-a1fe-df5fc5090000RadioWest and KUER News have been covering the debate around medical marijuana in Utah. We've spoken with journalists and researchers as well as proponents and opponents to Utah's Proposition 2. Stay tuned for more conversations as you prepare to vote in November.

LDS Authorities Weigh In On Medical Marijuana

Mormon Temple partially obscured by tree with green leaves.
Lee Hale / KUER

Last month, the LDS Church joined a coalition against Utah's medical marijuana ballot initiative. They say they’re O.K. with medicinal use, but worry about unintended consequences of this initiative.

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Wednesday, we continue our coverage of Utah’s medical cannabis ballot initiative with three representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Last month, they joined a coalition opposed to Prop 2. They say they’re not against the medicinal use of marijuana, but worry about unintended consequences of the proposed initiative. We’ll talk about what they see as misperceptions about their involvement, what they would like to see happen, and the role they’re playing in the debate.

Looking for more on this topic? We've collected RadioWest and KUER News coverage of Utah's medical marijuana debate. Stay tuned as we continue the conversation next week with proponents of Utah Proposition 2.

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