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Director Daniel Lombroso Goes Inside The Racist Right

The Atlantic

According to a recent intelligence report, white nationalists pose the gravest terror threat in the United States. A new documentary from The Atlantic goes inside the movement to expose the roots of its ideas and how they have reshaped the course of the country. 

Since Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory in 2016, the alt-right movement has flourished, thanks in large part to characters like Richard Spencer, Lauren Southern and Mike Cernovich. Filmmaker Daniel Lombroso spent four years filming Spencer, Southern, and Cernovich to better understand how their racist messages have infiltrated the mainstream. His film is an intimate portrait of people on the fringes desperate for attention and trying to grow their ranks. It's called White Noise: Inside the Racist Right and Lombroso joins us Friday at noon to talk about it.  

You can watch White Noise: Inside the Racist Right on Apple TV and Google Play

Daniel Lombroso is a freelance director and journalist.