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How Ammon Bundy Influenced Far Right Extremism

Ammon Bundy talks to media during the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation, 2016.
Mike Albright Photography/Shutterstock

In recent months, Ammon Bundy has made a name for himself as the de-facto leader of the anti-mask, health-freedom movement in Idaho. But it's his past actions that are giving some additional cause for concern in the waning days of the Trump presidency.

Four years ago, before Bundy took a stand against government health orders aimed at reining in the coronavirus, he led an armed occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge. Prior to that, he participated in his father's armed stand-off with federal authorities on the family’s Nevada ranch. Those events, and the law enforcement’s response, bear a striking resemblance to what happened last Wednesday when far right extremists laid siege to the U.S. Capitol. This Friday at 11 a.m., we’ll talk about Bundy’s ongoing antigovernment agenda, his uniquely Western sensibilities and how they are fueling some far right ideology.