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John McWhorter On Woke Racism

Renee Bright/KUER

Are aspects of today’s so-called “woke” culture and anti-racism actually harming the cause of racial equality in America? Author and linguist John McWhorter says yes.

In a new book, McWhorter claims that there have been three waves of anti-racist movements in United States history: first, the struggle to end slavery; then, the effort to eradicate racist attitudes; and now what he's termed the third wave — characterized by books like White Fragility, the policing of speech and behavior, and performative virtue-signaling. McWhorter says that the adherents to this third wave — "The Elect,” as he calls them — are part of a new religion that is intolerant to dissent and nuance, and that is ultimately harmful to people of color. John McWhorter joins us Friday at noon and Saturday at 11 a.m. to talk about Woke Racism: How a New Religion has Betrayed Black America. [Indie BoundBookShop|Amazon]

Content Warning: This episode of RadioWest contains strong language. Listener discretion is advised.