150th Anniversary Of Utah Women's Suffrage

Feb 14, 2020

150 years ago, on February 14, 1870, Salt Lake City resident Seraph Young and  25 other Utah women voted in a municipal election, becoming the first women in the country to vote under equal suffrage laws. 

While Wyoming was the first state to grant female citizens suffrage, Utah held two elections that local women voted in nearly a year before Wyoming, thus securing their place in history. However, it’s a history that has largely been lost and overlooked for some complicated reasons, polygamy chief among them. We’ll talk on Friday at 11 a.m. about this history and why it’s one that most Utahns and beyond have never heard. 


  • Neylan McBaine, CEO of Better Days 2020 
  • Katherine Kitterman, PhD candidate in history at American University and historical director for Better Days 2020. She’s the co-author of Thinking Women: A Timeline of Suffrage in Utah with Rebekah Clark.