The Bishop's Wife

Mar 4, 2015

Utah novelist Mette Ivie Harrison had already written YA novels and a memoir, but she was still trying to work through her thoughts about Mormonism, women’s roles, motherhood and grief. Her ideas eventually coalesced around a female detective in Draper, Utah. The result is a crime novel that’s been getting attention around the country. Wednesday, Harrison joins Doug to talk about the real stories that influenced the book, her faith, and her observations on Mormon culture.

Mette Ivie Harrison has published seven young adult novels. Her memoir is called Ironmom: Training and Racing with a Family of 7  [Indiebound|Amazon] and her new novel is The Bishop's Wife [Amazon|Indiebound] She also guest blogs at Religion News Services.

On Friday, March 5th at 6:30, Harrison is giving a reading at the Pleasant Valley Branch of Weber County Libraries. [details]

Harrison is chair of the annual Writing for Charity Conference. That takes place March 21st at the Provo Library. For a full schedule of that day's events, click here.

She'll also speak at the Springville Library on March 24th.