The Crucible

Feb 17, 2015

Tuesday, we're profiling Pioneer Theatre Company's latest production, which director Charles Morey says may be the great American tragedy. But when Arthur Miller premiered his play about the Salem witch trials, he didn't realize he was, as he put it, writing himself into a political wilderness. It was the Cold War, and there was a witch-hunt for communists underway. Morey will join us, along with scholar Christopher Bigsby, to talk about the history of The Crucible and why it remains relevant today.

Pioneer Theatre Company's production of The Crucible runs through February 28th. For tickets and information, click here or call 801-581-6961.

Charles Bigsby is the author of several books on Arthur Miller. He wrote the introduction for Penguin Classics The Crucible [Indiebound|Amazon] and the biography Arthur Miller [Indiebound|Amazon]