Mormons and Sex

Jun 29, 2017

Thursday, we’re talking about Mormons and sex. LDS therapist Jennifer Finlayson-Fife says that Mormon theology of the body is very different from many Christian traditions. Within marriage, sex isn’t just for procreation, but also for pleasure, intimacy and becoming god like. So, what’s the disconnect in a culture where there seems to be so much shame and guilt around sexuality? She’ll join us live, along with LDS sex therapist Kristin Hodson and Chris Duce of the “Celestial Sex” podcast.


  • Kristin Hodson, MSW, LCSW, is an ASSECT certified sex therapist and Founder and Executive Director of The Healing Group in Salt Lake City. That's a counseling service focused on maternal health, sexuality, and couple's counseling. She's also co-author of the book Real Intimacy: A Couple's Guide to Healthy Genuine Sexuality [Indie bookstores|Amazon], which has an LDS focus.
  • Jennifer Finlayson-Fife , PhD, is a licensed sex and relationship therapist based outside of Chicago. She also offers online courses for LDS couples.
  • Chris Duce is the host of the Celestial Sex podcast, which explores sex in the context of Mormon upbringing.

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