Nature, Nurture, Sexuality, & Gender

Aug 25, 2015

One argument for extending legal rights to LGBT people is that they’re born with their sexualities and gender preferences, just as a person is born with their skin color. But legal scholar Clifford Rosky and psychologist Lisa Diamond say that logic is unscientific, legally unnecessary, and it unjustly excludes other sexual minorities. Rosky, Diamond, and philosopher Jim Tabery join us Tuesday to discuss how the nature versus nurture debate continues to shape how we think about ourselves and each other.

  • Clifford Rosky is a law professor at the University of Utah's S.J. Quinney College of Law and Board Chair of Equality Utah.
  • Lisa Diamond is a professor of Developmental and Health Psychology at the University of Utah. She's the author of Sexual Fluidity [Indiebound|Amazon]. She and Clifford Rosky are co-authoring a forthcoming journal article about the nature versus nurture debate and its role in the legal battle for the rights of sexual minorities.
  • Jim Tabery is a professor of philosophy at the University of Utah. He’s the author of Beyond Versus: The Struggle to Understand the Interaction of Nature and Nurture [Amazon|Indiebound].