Peggy Orenstein On 'Boys & Sex'

Jan 24, 2020

It’s hard to get boys and young men to talk about sex and intimacy. But that’s just what Peggy Orenstein set out to do when researching her new book Boys & Sex.

This is familiar territory for Orenstein. Her 2016 book Girls & Sex revealed the high-pressure sexual landscape that young women navigate every day. But she realized that was only half the story: Boys are stuck with many of the same cultural forces, expectations and media that girls are. Now, feminism provides girls with alternative ways to think about being women, but boys say they feel like there's only one "right" way to be a man. With the onset of the #MeToo era, and a plague of men — young and old — accused of impropriety and assault, Orenstein decided it was time to pull back the curtain on the sexual lives of young men, too.

Peggy Orenstein’s book is “Boys & Sex: Young Men on Hookups, Love, Porn, Consent and Navigating the New Masculinity.” [IndieBound|Amazon|Audible].