Sep 8, 2013

Let’s face it: sometimes not much work done gets done at work. Software developer Jason Fried thinks he knows why that is. He says the modern office is tailor made for interruptions, and interruptions are the bane of good work. Fried also says people are much more efficient when they’re working in their kitchens, or at a coffee shop or the library—basically anywhere but at the office. Fried joins us Monday to make the case for redesigning the workplace for better collaboration, creativity and productivity.


Jason Fried is the co-founder and president of 37signals, a company that designs and builds web-based productivity tools. In 2010 he presented a TED talk entitled "Why Work Doesn't Happen at Work." He's the co-author, alongside David Heinemeier Hansson, of the book Rework [Amazon|Indiebound].