Speaking American, Speaking Utahn

Jun 17, 2014

Did you go to “high skull” instead of “high school?” Maybe you put “melk” in your coffee instead of “milk”. Have you seen a cougar “ki’uhn” in the “mou’uhns” of “Lay-uhn?” If so, you speak like a Utahn, especially if you call fried bread a “scone.” In the age of globalization and cultural flattening, regional accents and vocabularies are thriving, especially in urban areas. Wednesday, we’re talking about the way we talk, not just on the Wasatch Front, but across America, and we hope to hear from you.

Where is your accent from? Take an online quiz from the New York Times to find out.


David Eddington is a professor of linguistics at Brigham Young University.

Ben Zimmer is a language columnist for the Wall Street Journal and the executive producer of Vocabulary.com and the Visual Thesaurus.