The Story In Our Genes

Dec 27, 2018

Thursday, we’re going to try to give A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived. It’s actually the title of geneticist Adam Rutherford’s new book. It describes the history of humankind through genetics.


Geneticist Adam Rutherford says race doesn’t exist, but racism does. It illustrates the reason he wrote his ambitiously titled book, A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived. Researchers are uncovering more and more information about our evolutionary past, but there’s still a massive disconnect between what the layperson understands about human genetics and what science has to teach us. Rutherford joins us to talk about the story of our species and why getting it right really matters. (Rebroadcast)

Adam Rutherford is a geneticist, science writer, and broadcaster. He's hosted BBC radio and television programs, and writes for The Guardian. His latest book is called  A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived [Indie bookstores|Amazon].