Sundance 2018: Bisbee '17

Jan 26, 2018

Friday, we wrap up our coverage of the Sundance Film Festival with a compelling and original documentary. Filmmaker Robert Greene tells the story of modern-day Bisbee, Arizona, and a century-old event that haunts it.

In July 1917, striking miners in Bisbee, Arizona, were rounded up at gunpoint, loaded into cattle cars, and left in the desert to die. It was called the Bisbee Deportation, and it split the community down political, class, and racial lines. So, the town tried to forget it. It’s a story though that rattled filmmaker Robert Greene, who has created a film that layers the ghosts of the past with a town grappling with the legacy. Friday, we wrap up our Sundance coverage with Greene and BISBEE ’17.

Robert Greene is a filmmaker and writer. His feature documentary Kate Plays Christine earned him a special jury prize at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.  You can learn more about Bisbee '17 on Facebook or at