Utah's "Dixie"

Jul 16, 2015

With debates around the Confederate flag making headlines, one professor is again questioning the name of Dixie State University in Saint George. Dannelle Larsen-Rife teaches there, but says the name makes the school look bad. Defenders say “Dixie” isn’t about racism, it’s a recognition of the pioneers who settled the 19th century Mormon “Cotton Mission.” So Thursday, we’re asking how Southern Utah got its name, what role race and politics may have played, and what these Confederate symbols mean today.


  • W. Paul Reeve, Associate Professor of History, University of Utah
  • Ronald Coleman, Retired Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Utah
  • Gerald Webster, Professor and Chair of Geography, University of Wyoming
  • Dannelle Larsen-Rife, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Dixie State University