Wild Nights With Emily

May 17, 2019

After today's show you might ditch everything you thought you knew about the poet Emily Dickinson. Madeleine Olnek’s new film tries to correct the idea that Dickinson was a sullen, distant recluse.

Friday, we’re talking about a playful and probing new feature film about Emily Dickinson. As most of us learned in English class, Dickinson was a recluse, a wallflower, too sensitive for this world. Except she wasn’t. Madeleine Olnek’s film about the poet examines a more complicated character. Yes, she was sensitive, but she could also be vivacious and irreverent. Not to mention, transgressive. (Rebroadcast)

Wild Nights With Emily opens Friday, May 17 at the Broadway Centre Cinemas in Salt Lake City. It runs through May 23, with showtimes at 12:15, 2:15, 4:15, 7:15, 9:15. To buy tickets, visit saltlakefilmsociety.org