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RadioWest Films presents unique stories with a focus on Utah. Each week, we’ll present a short documentary drawing from a variety of styles: story driven, conceptual, profiles and more. It’s a place for film lovers to watch innovative storytelling and to meet Utah’s most talented filmmakers.And there are some films that we just want to keep talking about. Here's a collection of radio conversations paired with our short films. Think of it this way ... stories you hear, stories you see.

The Life, Adventures and Discoveries of A. R. Wallace

Flora Lichtman/Sharon Shattuck
A scene from "The Animated Life of A.R. Wallace," an animated short-doc by Flora Licthman and Sharon Shattuck. Visit videowest.kuer.org to see more.


You may have never heard of naturalist, biologist and biogeographer Alfred Russell Wallace, but chances are you're familiar with his greatest discovery: the theory of evolution by natural selection. Of course, Charles Darwin receives first billing for the theory of evolution, but Wallace, a contemporary of Darwin's, discovered the theory independent of his better-known colleague. Wallace's life was as grand as his scientific breakthroughs and Tuesday we'll make his acquaintance with the help of Harvard lecturer Andrew Berry.


Andrew Berry is an evolutionary biologist and a lecturer in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. He is the editor of a collection of A.R. Wallace’s writings, Infinite Tropics [Amazon|Indiebound].

Watch Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck's THE ANIMATED LIFE OF A.R. WALLACE on our companion site, videowest.kuer.org