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Maximum Fun with Jesse Thorn


Wednesday, we’re talking about radio again, this time with wunderkind-podcaster-turned-NPR-personality Jesse Thorn. Before his show was called Bullseye and distributed by NPR, it was a college radio show and podcast called The Sound of Young America, but it’s always been part of his media empire, Maximum Fun. Thorn says his mission is to help listeners sift the wheat from the chaff of popular culture. He joins us Wednesday to talk about his love for radio, the evolution of his show, and dressing like a grownup.

Jesse Thorn is the host and producer of Bullseye (formerly The Sound of Young America). He also hosts the podcasts Judge John Hodgman and Jordan, Jesse, Go!, and runs the blog and video series Put This On, about men’s fashion. His independent radio production organization is called Maximum Fun.