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The Life and Art of Hieronymus Bosch

If you’ve ever seen paintings by the Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch, such as The Garden of Earthly Delights, you’ve probably wondered what they mean and what kind of person could have imagined such fanciful scenes. Problem is, we know very little about Bosch’s personal story. That leaves the paintings, which present their own puzzles. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Bosch’s death, and Monday, art historian Gary Schwartz joins us to discuss the fearless artist’s life and his inventive art.

Gary Schwartz is an art historian of Dutch painters of the 17th century and the author of two books about Hieronymus Bosch, one for young readers, First Impressions: Hieronymus Bosch [Amazon|Indiebound], and Jheronimus Bosch: The Road to Heaven and Hell [Amazon|Indiebound].

On Wednesday, September 28, the Utah Film Center is screening the documentary film Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts on the University of Utah. DETAILS