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Justice Clarence Thomas and the Future of the Supreme Court


President-elect Donald Trump could potentially appoint enough Supreme Court justices to create a conservative majority unmatched in 80 years. Law professor RonNell Andersen Jones says that leaves Justice Clarence Thomas poised to be the “granddaddy of the conservative wing of the court.” So Wednesday, Jones joins us, along with scholar Amy Wildermuth, to talk about Thomas’ personality, his jurisprudence, and the contradictions Jones says make him one of the most interesting justices in generations.

RonNell Andersen Jones is a Professor in the College of Law at the University of Utah. She's just co-authored a paper called Clarence Thomas the Questioner, forthcoming in the Northwestern University Law Review.

Amy Wildermuth is also a Professor of Law at the University of Utah with expertise in U.S. Supreme Court practice and administrative law.