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The True Story of Dunkirk

After the Fall of France in 1940, nearly 340,000 allied troops were stranded at the French port of Dunkirk as the German military closed in. Churchill called what happened next a “miracle of deliverance.” Small civilian ships, along with military transports, brought the British army home. Of course, the story is now a blockbuster movie, which our guests say is pretty accurate. Thursday, historians John Broich and Matthew Booker join Doug to talk about the true story of Dunkirk.


John Broich is a British Empire and World War II historian, and an Associate Professor at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

Matthew Booker is an Associate Professor of History at North Carolina State University

Listen to oral histories of veterans of Dunkirk at the Imperial War Museums website:

Find screenings of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk along the Wasatch Front.

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