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The Future Of Utah’s Water

Renee Bright

With the snowy months coming to a close, the question on many Utahns mind is: Will our winter snowpack pull us out of the drought?

It's not looking good. Already, Gov. Spenser Cox has issued a state of emergency, citing that 99% of the state is in severe drought. Mountain snowpack provides up to 80% of the water for Utah’s cities, and this winter’s snowpack is 25% below normal. And new data shows how wildfires, dust and other climate changes affect our snowpack, so that even less water makes it into our reservoirs. Snow scientists say we are in sore need of new water models that will help us live with persistent drought conditions. This Friday at noon, we’ll talk about how snow melt contributes to our water supply, and why a major snowfall does not equal a full reservoir.


  • Dr. Andrew Schwartz | Station Manager and Lead Scientist, Central Sierra Snow Lab, UC Berkeley. You can read his piece "I'm a Scientist in California. Here's What Worries Me Most About Drought" here.
  • Dr. McKenzie Skiles | Snow Hydrologist and Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Airdate: April 29, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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