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A show for the wildly curious. Doug Fabrizio explores the world through in-depth conversations with writers, filmmakers, scientists, thinkers and others. From KUER in Salt Lake City.

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  • 400 + years ago this month, a group of separatists from the Church of England landed in the New World looking for religious freedoms. But what did freedom really mean to this small band?
  • We’re marking Thanksgiving with a conversation about Indigenous foodways.
  • A true multi-hyphenate, writer-director-actor Lake Bell is obsessed with how we sound. Her new audiobook celebrates that “least-appreciated” trait: our voices.
  • Recent reports out of Canada and Australia have raised questions about how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints manages its global finances. While it may be entirely within the letter of the law, whistleblowers argue that, for a religious organization, it's the spirit of the law that should matter the most.
  • Queer people have worked at all levels of our nation’s politics and government. But in the mid-20th-century, when being queer was vilified — and often associated with Communism, Nazism, and plotting against America — coming out was tantamount to social obliteration and career annihilation. So people hid.
  • If you’re into food writing or follow celebrity chefs, the chances are good that you've run across British food star Nigella Lawson. But how much do you actually know about her work?
  • Utah is in the national spotlight with the Lee v. McMullin Senate race. But other important races could also have an effect on Utah voters.
  • Godzilla — the King of the Monsters — has starred in 37 feature films. But the very first one, released in 1954, stands above them all.
  • At the peak of her career, in the early 1900’s, Utah native Maude Adams was America’s most famous stage actress, pulling in a million dollars a year. But fame was neither her goal nor ambition. Rather, fame was something her mother, the actress Annie Adams, wanted but never realized herself.
  • ‘Tis the season for ghosts, faceless killers and jump scares. In other words, it’s the time of year when you might be watching horror flicks. So, let’s talk about them.