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Through the Lens: The Watermelon Woman

The Watermelon Woman
Utah Film Center

Written and directed by Cheryl Dunye, The Watermelon Woman is a classic work of LGBTQ filmmaking.

Dunye herself stars as Cheryl, a Black, lesbian woman and aspiring filmmaker, working in a video rental store. Cheryl is captivated by a Black actress playing a “mammy” who is credited only as “The Watermelon Woman”. Cheryl sets out to make a documentary uncovering the mysterious woman’s identity. Along the way, Cheryl uncovers nuggets of personal and community history. This Friday at noon, we’re considering the impact of The Watermelon Woman.

Join us for a screening of the film on Wednesday, May 18th. Here are the details.

Guest: Sarah Elizabeth Sinwell - Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts, The University of Utah

Airdate: Friday, May 13 at 11am and 7pm MT

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