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How to Read a Taco

Steven Alvarez
Used with permission from Steven Alvarez
A family of taqueros operating the La Favorita Dos taco truck in Salt Lake City.

They may not seem like much, but those humble and colorful open-air taco carts you see scattered on roadsides and in parking lots across the country, they have an important story to tell.

According to the scholar Steven Alvarez, when you really stop and think about it, tacos aren’t just tacos. They’re entrées into the history and nuances of the Mexican culture that created them. But, most of all, he says, tacos can tell you a lot about the people who make them. Alvarez came to Salt Lake to tour the city’s street taco scene, and he joins us to share what you can learn just by eating tacos.


  • Steven Alvarez, professor of English literature at St. John's University in Queens
  • Benjamin Bombard, producer of RadioWest

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