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The Fateful Final Voyage of Captain James Cook

Rick Harrison

On July 12, 1776, James Cook set sail aboard the HMS Resolution. It was his third voyage, and his last.

Cook is widely recognized as Britain’s greatest explorer. He was a celebrated sailor, a revered leader and he was said to treat Indigenous populations with respect. Yet it was on his final voyage that James Cook was killed — the result of a conflict with Native Hawaiians. In a new book, the historian Hampton Sides tells the story of James Cook’s last journey, and why it went wrong. It may have had to do with Cook’s secret orders: to claim territory for Britain before her rivals could.


Hampton Sides | Historian, author and journalist. His latest book is “The Wide Wide Sea: Imperial Ambition, First Contact and the Fateful Final Voyage of Captain James Cook” [Amazon | Bookshop].

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