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The Politics of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar, Photo by Jonte, CC Via Flickr, http://bit.ly/2tM3ycC

Wednesday, we’re talking about Julius Caesar. You can probably guess why we’re having the conversation. A New York production of Shakespeare’s work recently caused a stir when the play’s director made Julius Caesar look a lot like Donald Trump. The problem is of course that Caesar gets assassinated. So, we’re talking about Julius Caesar the man, Shakespeare’s play, and the relationship between art and politics.


Other Resources

  • Read The Folger Digital Text of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar on-line. Or if you prefer the Bard on paper, Shakespeare scholar John Coe edited this Broadview edition [Indie bookstores|Amazon]
  • Listening more to your taste? Try Julius Caesar: The Arkangel Shakespeare audible book [Audible]
  • For more about the life and politics of ancient Rome see Mary Beard, SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome [Indie bookstores|Amazon|Audible]
  • For a biography, try Julius Caesar from Robert Garland. [Indie bookstores|Amazon]
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