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Since 2005, RadioWest and Plan-B Theatre Company have partnered to bring the art of radio drama to modern audiences. From adaptations of beloved tales to original plays from local playwrights, we've delighted audience with Christmas mysteries and Halloween frights.If you're wondering about Episode 6, it was a marathon of the first 5 Episodes.

Radio Hour Episode 13: Troll


RadioWest and Plan-B Theatre present the latest in our original radio drama series. It's Utah playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett's dark comedy about an internet troll who becomes a real one.

RadioWest divider.

The holidays are a time for redemption stories – think Scrooge or the Grinch. And what better villain of our modern era than an internet troll? Thursday, we bring you Episode 13 of our Radio Hour series with Plan-B Theatre Company. Utah playwright Matthew Ivan Bennett’s new work tells the story of an on-line troll who becomes a real troll. He’s cursed and can only break the spell with the help of a feminist. But can he convince her to look past his hairy exterior and have a real conversation?

Tune in live at 9 a.m. and again at 7 p.m. MT on KUER.

  • Written by Matthew Ivan Bennett
  • Direction and sound design by Cheryl Ann Cluff
  • Original music by David Evanoff
  • Performed by Olivia Custodio, Lily Hye Soo Dixon and Jay Perry
  • eFoley by Jennifer Freed
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