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At a time when tuition costs are skyrocketing, for-profit universities are gaining traction, and approximately a third of U.S. students have already taken an online course, the future of higher education is unclear. March 4 - 7, RadioWest is focusing on issues facing America's colleges and of course America's students. We'll also explore innovations that are changing the way we learn.It's all part of the University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics' Sixteenth Annual Rocco C. and Marion S. Siciliano Forum, “Considerations on the Status of the American Society.” For details on the week's events, click here.

The Cost of Higher Education

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The increasing cost of a college education concerns people regardless of their income level or politics. It’s the subject of congressional hearings, protests and everyday conversation. But why does higher education cost so much? Are our universities simply dysfunctional and inefficient? Or is it more complicated than that? Wednesday, we’ll explore those questions in front of a live audience at the Hinckley Institute of Politics. The scholars Robert Archibald and Nicholas Hillman are our guests. And we hope you’ll join us, too.

RadioWest and The Hinckley Institute of Politics invite you to join our live audience tomorrow, March 6, at 11 a.m. in the Hinckley Caucus Room, in Orson Spencer Hall on the University of Utah campus. The event it free and open to the public. For more details, click here.


  • Dr. Robert B. Archibald is a Professor of Economics at the College of William and Mary. Along with his colleague David Feldman he co-authored the book Why Does College Cost So Much?
  •  Dr. Nicholas W. Hillman is an assistant professor in the University of Utah's Department of Educational Leadership & Policy, where he specializes in higher education finance and student enrollment at .

It's part of the University of Utah Hinckley Institute of Politics' Sixteenth Annual Rocco C. and Marion S. Siciliano Forum, “Considerations on the Status of the American Society.”  For other events in the week, click here.