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The Salt Lake Tribune's Nonprofit Future

Renee Bright / KUER

The Salt Lake Tribune has undergone lots of changes in the recent past, but nothing like what it plans next. The newspaper announced it plans last week to become a nonprofit. What does that mean for the future of journalism in Utah?

RadioWest divider.

After years of financial struggles, after multiple rounds of layoffs, after being sold by a hedge fund to a local wealthy businessman, and after yet more layoffs, after all of that, the Salt Lake Tribune is poised for another major change. The newspaper announced last week that it plans to reorganize as a nonprofit. It’s something that’s never been tried before. Monday, the paper’s publisher, Paul Huntsman, is among our guests as we discuss what that means for the future of journalism in Utah.


  • Paul Huntsman is the owner and publisher of the Salt Lake Tribune.
  • Jennifer Napier-Pearce is the editor of the newspaper.
  • Magda Konieczna is an assistant professor of journalism at Temple University and the author of Journalism Without Profit: Making News When the Market Fails.
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