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How Fashion Works

Madeleine shows off her style in Salt Lake's 9th & 9th neighborhood

Longtime NPR correspondent JackiLyden has started a new project called The SEAMS. It’s an audio expedition of the fashion world and it explores how our clothes connect us to each other. To Lyden, everything we wear says something, whether we intend it to or not. She and fashion designer Simon Doonan join us Wednesday to discuss how fashion works and we hope to hear from you. What does your wardrobe say about you? What do you notice about other people’s clothes? And we can exempt ourselves from fashion?

Some more questions for today's show: What are some things you admire about how other people dress? Was there a moment when something clicked for you about how you dress? Who has most influenced your own style of dress? Are there any fashion trends that annoy you or that you refuse to join in on?


  • Jacki Lyden is a longtime host and contributing correspondent to NPR, and she's the founder of The SEAMS, an occasional series on NPR about fashion. You can help make The SEAMS a regular podcast by supporting it on Kickstarter.
  • Simon Doonan is the creative ambassador for Barneys New York. He blogs about fashion and culture for Slate.com. He's the author of several books, including his latest, The Asylum: True Tales of Madness from a Life in Fashion [Amazon|Indiebound].

Over at VideoWest, we're beginning a series of video portraits that feature the style of people who live around here. This is not about the expensive and outrageous, it's about how clothing reflects our identity and how style is constantly changing and drawing from different influences.  So,  If you have your own sense of style or if someone you know always seems to get it right, get in touch: videowest@kuer.org.

We partnered with Utah filmmaker Scott Thornton to create this inaugural piece from the Salt Lake City neighborhood of Ninth & Ninth.