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Hooligan Sparrow

Ye Haiyan, a.k.a. Hooligan Sparrow

Friday, we're talking about a thrilling exploration of the power of protest and the efforts to contain it. Filmmaker Nanfu Wang will join us to talk about her documentary film Hooligan Sparrow, which follows the efforts of activist Ye Haiyan as she and fellow protestors work to shed light on sexual exploitation in China. They’re marked as enemies of the state and routinely harassed by thugs, and the web of trouble also threatens Wang’s film, not to mention her personal safety. (Rebroadcast)

You can watch Hooligan Sparrow when it airs on the PBS program POV next week. Here in Utah, it's screening on Tuesday, October 18, at 11 p.m. on KUED Channel 7. There are other screenings throughout the week. Check your local listings. MORE DETAILS

Nanfu Wang directed, produced, shot, and edited her debut film Hooligan Sparrow, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.