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Giulio Boccaletti On The History Of Water

Renee Bright

In a new book, the climate scientist and writer Giulio Boccaletti makes the case that the history of human civilization is inextricably tied to one simple and yet powerful force: water.

Water, Boccaletti says, has played a critical role in shaping human life on this planet from the very beginning. It has inspired the foundational myths of cultures around the world. Infrastructure to move and control water has shaped the social structures upon which empires were built. According to Boccaletti, the modern world as we know it wouldn’t exist without water and our ongoing dance between its motion and our reactions. Boccaletti joins us this Friday at noon to discuss our relationship and our fundamental reliance on the most elemental substance on earth.

Giulio Boccaletti's book is Water: A Biography [Amazon|BookShop|Indie Bound|Audible]

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