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How Do We Talk About The Painful Legacy Of Native American Boarding Schools?

Lexi Peery

In August, The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the bodies of Paiute children are likely buried on the property of a former Indigenous boarding school in Panguitch, Utah. It's a difficult and painful subject to talk about, and some members of the Paiute tribe wish the story had never been told by the media in the first place.

The land we now call the United States is littered with sites that tell a long story of violence perpertrated against the original inhabitants here. The discovery on the former grounds of Panguitch Boarding School is yet another reminder of that bloody history. But how do we talk about that history? How have non-Native people framed the legacy of Native American boarding schools and how do Indigenous people think about it? This Friday at 11 a.m., and again at 7 p.m., we’ll discuss the narratives we tell about these schools, who has traditionally controlled them and how those narratives are changing.


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