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Through The Lens: ‘Jingle Bell Rocks!’

Courtesy of Mitchell Kezin
El Vez and his annual Merry Mex-Mass show, featured in the documentary "Jingle Bell Rocks!"

Humbugs may sneer, but filmmaker Mitchell Kezin is obsessed with Christmas music, and he isn’t alone.

In his documentary Jingle Bell Rocks!, Kezin hit the road to document the vibrant subculture of holiday music fanatics and the yuletide tunes they love. In advance of our free online screening of his film, we’ll check in with Kezin to hear what place Christmas music has during a pandemic, and talk with him about his pop-culture pilgrimage, where he introduces viewers to the motley crew of merry misfits that worked to reinvent the seasonal soundtrack.

Please join us for our free online screening of Jingle Bell Rocks! followed by a Q&A with director Mitchell Kezin on Tuesday, Dec. 22 at 7 p.m. MST. You can find the link to the screening at UtahFilmCenter.org.