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Place And The Politics Of Pollution

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View from the runway, Salt Lake City, https://flic.kr/p/94o9Ly

Sociologist Robert Bullard is known as the "father of environmental justice,” and he joins us Friday to talk about how minorities and poor communities have it the worst when it comes pollution.

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Thursday, we’re asking why it is that zip code is one of the best predictors of a person’s health. The sociologist Robert Bullard is known as the “father of environmental justice,” and he’s spent his career looking at how minorities and poor communities have it worse when it comes to air quality, bad water, and other environmental pollutants. We’ll also check in with Utah State Senator Luz Escamilla about what she’s seeing in Salt Lake City. (Hint: It’s not good.)

Robert Bullard is Distinguished Professor of Urban Planning and Environmental Policy at Texas Southern University. His books [Indie bookstores|Amazon]  include The Wrong Complexion for ProtectionThe Quest for Environmental Justice, and Growing Smarter.

Luz Escamilla is the Democract representing Utah State Senate District which covers western Salt Lake and West Valley. She also serves as Minority Whip for the Senate.

On Thursday, January 31, from Noon to 1:30 p.m, Robert Bullard will speak at the University of Utah's S.J. Quinney College of Law Moot Courtroom. His lecture is called Race, Place, and the Politics of Pollution. The event will also be streamed on the College of Law YouTube channel. More details at law.utah.edu.

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