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Justice Anthony Kennedy And SCOTUS Decisions Of 2018

Anthony Kennedy official SCOTUS portrait
Supreme Court of the United States
Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court

Monday, we’re talking about what happened in the Supreme Court this term. There are a lot of decisions to discuss. And of course, Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. So, what does it all mean?

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Monday, we’re talking about what happened in the Supreme Court this term. A lot, it turns out: rulings on unions, the travel ban, gerrymandering … wedding cakes. And if that wasn’t enough, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has occupied a middle ground as the Court’s swing vote, has announced he’s retiring. So, what exactly does that mean? Legal scholars and court observers Amy Wildermuth and RonNell Andersen Jones are back with us to break it all down.

We ran out of time on-air before we had the chance to talk about Utah's Mike Lee and Thomas Lee's place on President Trump's Supreme Court list. Luckily, our guests agreed to stick around a few minutes longer.

Mike Lee, Thomas Lee, and Replacing Justice Kennedy Brothers Mike Lee and Thomas Lee are both on President Trump's list for potential nominees to replace Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy . Mike is, of

  • RonNell Andersen Jones is a Professor in the College of Law at the University of Utah. She teaches and writes about the intersection between the media and the courts, with a particular focus on the U.S. Supreme Court. Jones clerked for Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
  • Amy Wildermuth is Dean of the School of Law at the University of Pittsburgh, and an adjunct law professor at the University of Utah. Her expertise is in U.S. Supreme Court practice and administrative law. Wildermuth clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens of the Supreme Court.
Utah's Mike Lee, Thomas Lee Reportedly On Trump's Short List For SCOTUS Vacancy Justice Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court means President Trump will soon make his second selection to the nation's highest court - and at least two nominees he's said to be considering will be familiar to Utahns.

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