John Warnock: Higher Ed and High Tech

Mar 5, 2013

Tuesday on RadioWest, we continue our discussion about innovation at colleges and universities with Dr. John Warnock. Warnock was a student at the University of Utah in the 1960s. After graduating, he and colleague Charles Geschke founded one of the most successful software companies in the world: Adobe. Warnock’s education at the U laid the groundwork for the ideas he helped pioneer at Adobe. So here’s the question: how can today’s universities stimulate and encourage a new generation of innovators?


Dr. John Warnock co-founded Adobe with Charles Geschke. He retired as CEO of the company in 2001 but remains the co-chair of the company's board along with Geschke. Together they have received numerous awards, including the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, one of the nation's highest honors bestowed on scientists, engineers and inventors.

Warnock will deliver the keynote address of the 16th Annual Siciliano Forum on Tuesday March 4th at 12:30 PM at the Marriott Library's Gould Auditorium on the campus of the University of Utah. the Siciliano Forum is presented by the Hinckley Institute of Politics. For more information on that and other events in the week, click here.