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Gardening along the (not so dry) Wasatch Front

Saratoga Springs 9/4/23
Ciara Hulet
Saratoga Springs 9/4/23

Utah is suffering from megadroughts, a dying lake (or two) and a dwindling Colorado River. So, why, then, are we watering so much Kentucky bluegrass along the Wasatch Front? 

We know that when the pioneers arrived on the Wasatch Front, they didn't find a lush green landscape. But neither was it all desert cacti and rocks. So what is the natural ecosystem of the now-most populous part of the state? These are the questions that our guest Daryl Lindsey wants us to consider when we think about our urban landscapes. As a sustainable landscape designer, she believes that those of us who live along the Wasatch Front can find a happy medium that conserves water, beautifies our surroundings and suits our lifestyles.


Ben Abbott |Assistant professor of ecosystem ecology at Brigham Young University. 

Daryl Lindsey | Sustainable landscape designer and founder of Yard Farmer. You can watch her TikTok videos here.

Air date: March 20, 2024, at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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