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It seems like everyday you hear about a new do-it-all fitness regimen or a new study showing that the exercises that you once thought were best are actually bad for you. In our 21st Century Fitness series, we consult the brightest minds to try to cut through the fat and find out what it really takes to be fit and healthy today.

Daniel Lieberman On Why We Avoid Exercise

Renee Bright

The new year means a lot of us are committing to new exercise routines — routines we’re going to “get right” this time. Only, what if we didn’t evolve to exercise at all?

Our guest, paleoanthropologist Daniel Lieberman, says regular exercise — working out, on purpose, to get healthier — was never part of the plan for natural selection. (Hey, as long as the species keeps breeding, right?) But we’re also not supposed to sit around all day and do nothing. We did evolve to use our bodies and even to work them pretty hard — when necessary. With medical professionals lamenting our sedentary lifestyles, the key, Daniel Lieberman told us, is to exercise the right way. He'll join us Friday at noon to share his research.

Daniel Lieberman’s book is Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding. [IndieBound|Amazon|Audible| Bookshop]

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