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David Bigler, Revisionist Historian

"Mountain Meadows massacre (Stenhouse)" by Stenhouse, T.B.H. (1873) from "The Rocky Mountain Saints"

Wednesday, our guest is David Bigler, a “revisionist historian” of the 19th century Utah and Mormon story. For nearly 50 years, Bigler has been a prolific writer and iconoclast, bringing insight to controversial events like the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the Utah War. David Bigler and editor Will Bagley join Doug to talk about what we learn from clear-eyed history and an openness to “revision” as new sources are uncovered. They’ll also tell us a few good stories from Utah’s past.

Confessions of a Revisionist Historian: David L. Bigler on the Mormons and the West [Amazon] is a collection of David Bigler's scholarship, edited by Will Bagley.

Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00 p.m., David Bigler will give a reading at Ken Sanders Rare Books, 268 S 200 East in downtown Salt Lake City. He will also be joined by Will Bagley. [Details]


Everett Bassett presented his discovery of the mass grave sites at Mountain Meadows to the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation, not to the separate group the Mountain Meadows Association as referenced in the broadcast. A third group, the Mountain Meadows Massacre Descendants, also focuses on memorializing the 1857 event.

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